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Oct 28, 2012 6:00pm EDT
upend this final stretch? here's abc's senior political correspondent jon karl tonight. >> reporter: it's mother nature's october surprise. a storm so big and so destructive, it could throw the campaign's final week into chaos. >> the storm will throw a little bit of havoc into the race. >> reporter: for president obama, it meant canceling two upcoming events and visiting fema headquarters, vowing an immediate response to the storm. >> we're going to cut through red tape, we're not going to get bogged down with a lot of rules. we want to make sure we are anticipating and leaning forward. >> reporter: there are political stakes, too. a chance for the president to show decisive leadership or to take the blame if the response is bungled. all told, 16 campaign events have already been canceled. mitt romney canceled three in virginia, moving westward to ohio, where he met up with paul ryan. >> today, when we get home, put in our prayers the people who are in the east coast, in the wake of this big storm that's coming. let's not forget those fellow americans of ours. >> reporter: with just ni
Oct 28, 2012 8:30am EDT
show" about a week after 9/11. you remained remember jon stewart said this attack on it happened. it's not a dream, but the aftermath, the recovery is a dream realized and that's martin luther king's dream. whatever barriers we put up our god. even if this is voluntary, any fool can blow something up, but to see these guys come in these firefighters, policemen and people all over the country, literally with buckets rebuilding, that's extort barry and that's why we party one. now 11 years later, we can look at our nation and say it's as divided as it's been in recent memory and maybe we have to concede that some of that unity we experience was, as jon stewart said, just temporary. and that sometimes makes it even more discouraging to watch the spectacle that are national, political system often becomes. but my chapter in "in the shadow of greatness" explains why haven't lost hope. that's because i spent the years surrounding nine elevenths run by people who continue to live that dream and set their differences aside and put themselves in harms way and unfailingly do with their country
Oct 28, 2012 8:00am PDT
is dangerous about it. you know, when president obama talked about the deaths in benghazi with jon stewart not being optimal, using that language, after a joke, a set joke where he said that's not very sexy in terms of something else, and stewart said you don't know what may be sexy to me. it demeans those kinds of -- four deaths should not be yuck yuck in the middle of a conversation on comedy central. >> on one hand, jon stewart is trying to get serious questions, not just a laugh fest. on the other hand, you say the ajay's ensee of kidding around about deaths of american diplomats troubles you. >> it says to me you demean the presidency. what we lose on this, president obama is great on the shows but we lose the gettysburg address, that end of the presidency, when you can speak to better angels and elevate us, he is taking us into late night tv on the couch instead of to gettysburg and that's a danger because we need that, too, from a president. >> these days the gettysburg address would be way too long for television, you would get a ten second sound bite. >>> still to come, "the new y
FOX Business
Oct 27, 2012 8:00pm EDT
with people who hate the military, war and defending america up. he wants to go to jon stewart, las vegas, i get himself flattered with young people while soldiers and ambassadors are killed overseas. he is a despicable man in terms of being commander in chief. lou: thank you. more on the worsening scandal. with the "a team" next. 11 days. polls and polls. what happens if neither candidate may -- -- breaches th number of 270? the top stock. another bombshell from the "rolling stone" interview. is clear he is not content to just regulate @%u: a president has a new economic plan strikingly similar to the old one but has more pictures. four more years of the president's policies for the country in just moments. he's what have been don wall street. gdp expanded at 4% but news the economy is growing as some feared. of the edo squeezes out modest gains trading on the big board. 3.3 billion in line with recent activity. the dow is down and he nasdaq just over half a percent. gasoline futures moving higher with supply disruptions on the east coast worried about hurricane sandy. the 10 year note is
FOX News
Oct 28, 2012 12:00am EDT
is that the president will go on the hard-hitting interviews with jon stewart or on david letterman and says is as we get information we just provide it to the american people but mr. president we know there is a video. you should be producing and shareing that video with members of congress but also with members of the american public. >> judge jeanine: and you have asked for the video and they have denied your requests? >> absolutely. >> judge jeanine: we do know after benghazi was attacked we could see that the camera was still intact and they have the actual video in addition to the audio in addition to the drones, in addition to the e-mails. i mean doesn't that infuriate you? >> it does. because we are just trying to get to the truth. we have hundreds of people serving -- hundreds of consulates and embassies overseas. thousands of americans serving. we still have an embassy there in tripoli. you have families, loved ones whose relatives have been killed. they haven't been given clear answers. we have injured personnel that are still unidentified and really haven't been shared their information a
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)